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Personal Injury

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is an element of civil law. A personal injury claim compensates victims of accidents or social wrongs, like defamation of character.

The plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit is the person who is injured. The defendant is the person whom the case is brought against.

In South Carolina, you are required to file a personal injury claim within two years from the time of an accident. If you fail to make a claim within this statutory limitation window, you may lose the right to file a personal injury lawsuit.

What Should I Do After An Accident?

  1. Breathe and remain calm. The very first thing you should do after an auto accident has occurred is assess the situation. Ensure that everyone is okay and move everyone away from danger, if it is okay for them to be moved.

  2. Call the police. The police officer will help mediate communications between you and others who were involved in the accident, and he/she can route traffic and determine if intoxication was, at all, linked to the incident.

  3. Gather and collect documentation. Take photos of any injuries you may have sustained, and don’t forget to keep documenting them as they progress. You will also need photos of all vehicles involved. If you can, try to grab photos of the entire scene as well.

  4. Talk to those involved in the accident. Make sure you get a detailed list of information about each motorist. You’ll need information such as their names, phone numbers, addresses, and insurance details. Also, provide this information about yourself to the other drivers.

  5. Talk to Witnesses. Try to obtain information from as many witnesses as possible. Just after the wreck occurs, ask each person in the area for their names, phone numbers, and addresses.